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PosterBoost your soil, save water

The Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO)’s Waste Reduction Office and Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB)’s Okanagan WaterWise program are partnering once again for the annual composter and rain barrel pre-sale March 1 to 31. The sale features backyard composters for $45 and rain barrels for $105, delivered directly to your home in time for gardening season in late April.

Almost half of household waste in the Central Okanagan is made up of compostable materials. By using a backyard composter and recycling, residents could be putting as little as one or two grocery bags of garbage out for collection each week. This benefits the health and longevity of the landfill as well as your garden – creating a super charge for your soil that will result in more robust fruits and veggies, greener lawns and healthier flowers and shrubs.

“Do yourself and your garden a favour this season. A composter can help you cut your garbage in half while creating food for your garden,” says Cynthia Coates, Supervisor of Solid Waste Services with the RDCO. “You can’t beat the satisfaction of making your own useful soil enhancer for your garden with all of the kitchen scraps and green matter from your yard; material you would otherwise just toss away.”

There is a limited supply of 300 backyard composters available for pre-order for $45 (tax included) – a big savings from the regular $80 retail price.

Back by popular demand, rain barrels will also be available for $105 each (tax included) – a great cost savings to the regular $120 retail price. Rainwater is a great source of soft, fresh and untreated water for your plants.  A rain barrel can help save you money by limiting the amount of metered tap water you use on your garden. Rain barrels are expected to go quickly with only 250 available and a limit of two per household.

“This past summer, we saw significant drought, requiring watering restrictions. A rain barrel can provide a great back-up supply for your garden at such times,” says Corinne Jackson, Communications Director for the OBWB.

“Rain barrels also help with clean drinking water. Collecting rainwater from your roof limits run-off from your yard and helps prevent contaminants from washing into storm drains and ultimately into local streams and lakes. This means better drinking water, and better water for fish and everything else that depends on clean water.” 

For details on the composter-rain barrel sale and to place your order, visit rdco.com/compostersale. To learn more about saving water, visit okwaterwise.ca.

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