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Take the Okanagan WaterWise ChallengeStudents are leading the way when it comes to changing attitudes.


There are numerous examples of young people improving our community and our world. Your enthusiasm is even propelling adults to change their behaviours. Right now, the Okanagan's water needs your help!

Become your school's water protector

Turn the tap off while soaping your hands.

Bring a water bottle to school. At the end of the day, pour any left-over water onto plants.

Check for leaking taps, water fountains or toilets on a regular basis. Encourage any leaks to be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, place ice cream containers under leaks to capture the water and use for watering plants, gardens, etc.

Encourage your school to install aerators on taps to reduce water flow through taps.

Start a gardening club. Plant a garden. Use the produce as healthy snacks in school!

Install rain barrels and other containers to catch rainwater. Use the water for watering your school garden.

Help your parents be WaterWise at home! And, use this checklist from the American Museum of Natural History to see how you're doing.

Learn more about Okanagan water issues that need your help and how you can be WaterWise

The Internet is filled with great facts and stories about our water resources. Check out the links on the side of this page for more fun!

Okanagan WaterWise is an education and outreach program of the Okanagan Basin Water Board
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