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Take the Okanagan WaterWise ChallengeEducators are in a unique position to act as leaders and role models for social change.

But also, students are increasingly aware of the world around them — aware of environmental threats and injustices — and they want to make a difference. Educators can empower young people to take a lead role in improving their world.

Encourage your students to learn more about critical water issues in the Okanagan valley and support them in taking action in their school and at home.

There are many places where learning about water can be linked to the curriculum. Science classes are a natural fit, of course, but what about social studies, English, and math?

Water in Social Studies class

Managing water resources involves all levels of government, communication and cooperation with stakeholders, and complicated decision making. This country was settled around available water sources, so what better forum to discuss the significance of water to our communities and culture, both past and present?

Water in Math class

Water managers and water users alike will need to pull out their calculators to figure out water consumption and costs. People living in nearly all Okanagan communities now have water meters in their homes and businesses. Want to know how much money could be saved by being WaterWise? Have your students do the math!

Water in English class

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential life skill, and clean, plentiful water is an essential life need. Essays, poetry, story-telling through video, and song-writing are a few ways for your students to find their own voice on water issues in the Okanagan.

There are many ways to work water into the curriculum.

For more ideas, inspiration, and Monday-ready classroom resources, check out the links on the right side of this page.

Our Relationship with Water in the Okanagan Education Guide
This guide, which includes an “Introduction", a “Building Outdoor Learning Spaces Module” and an “Okanagan Watershed and Climate Module” was developed to meet the growing request from teachers for Okanagan-related water education resources.

The guide meets B.C. curriculum guidelines, incorporates a Syilx (Okanagan) perspective, and includes resources to explore outdoor education.

Our relationship with water in the Okanagan education guides

InfographicOkanagan Climate Infographic
This infographic looks at climate issues specific to our valley and their impact on the water that is available. It looks at flooding and drought, the challenges this creates for farmers, industry, residents and our ecosystem, and the solutions that can help protect the water we have, the quality and quantity.

Copies of the infographic are available by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us in Kelowna, B.C. at 250-469-6271.

The Okanagan Basin Waterscape Poster
Okanagan Waterscape PosterThe Okanagan Basin Waterscape Poster was created as a water education tool. This detailed and colourful poster illustrates topics of major importance to water resources in the Okanagan, including groundwater, domestic water use, and the effects of climate change and population growth. Copies of the poster are available by calling us in Kelowna, B.C. at 250-469-6271.

Okanagan WaterWise is an education and outreach program of the Okanagan Basin Water Board
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