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In the workplace

There are lots of great reasons for businesses to adopt water efficient practices.


For businesses with water meters, being WaterWise means saving money. For those businesses not metered yet, this is a good time to get used to saving water before meters are installed.

Being WaterWise also showcases your business as an environmental steward, enhancing your business' reputation for being environmentally responsible and a caring member of the community. This reputation makes you more appealing to customers, potential employees, and creates employee pride. Of course, it makes for a great news story as well, allowing you to share your ideas as a leader in the community!

Local businesses have an opportunity to showcase the area's unique beauty by landscaping with attractive native flowers and foliage, instead of lawn – setting ourselves apart from cities that naturally receive a lot of precipitation, such as Vancouver or Seattle. Our economy thrives as thousands of visitors flock to the Okanagan each year. WaterWise practices help keep the Okanagan naturally beautiful and special.

Xeriscape your business


Some people think xeriscaping means replacing lawn with rocks or concrete, but this is not the case. There are plenty of beautiful, colourful, drought-tolerant plants to choose from. The Okanagan Xeriscape Association provides a plant database that can help you plan your green space based on plant size, colour, bloom months, size, and spread. Drought-tolerant plants use less water and often require less maintenance, which means less time and money spent maintaining water-thirsty plants or grass.

Check your irrigation system


Have an irrigation company check your system periodically to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency. Are the sprinklers watering the sidewalks or parking lot? Are the timers set to an appropriate schedule? Irrigation systems can have slow leaks that cost your business money. Visit the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C. website for tips on choosing an irrigation contractor and a listing of certified professionals in your area. You can also check out City of Kelowna's Water Smart page for more information on irrigation system efficiency.


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